Guys, could you suggest me French tv shows to watch on Youtube to improve my French. Preferably one with English subtitles.

Are Gorge, Switzerland

Guys help! I booked a ticket to Seoul and turns out I can’t make the trip and it’s a non refundable ticket and the most I can get is the unused airport tax. Is there ANY way around this? That’s £500 down the drain. I feel physically ill thinking about it. Please help!!! :(

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Pavia, Italy

Catalonia, Spain

What do you think of an app or website with a medical tourism platform that connects travelers with other travelers interested in getting plastic surgery? Yes or nah? And what would you name it.

(The main purpose being plastic surgery)

Oslea Mountains, Romania

Is there an app or website that translates voice recordings? Kinda like shazam but for languages?

Steps toSantorini