Guys, could you recommend me movies about Asian culture. Something like Memoirs of a Geisha or The Joy Luck Club.

Reine, Norway

Ploumanach, France

beating-between-lungs asked:
OMG, I really love your blog, it's amazing. But I have one question : have you ever been to Poland? Because I haven't seen even a single photo with polish landscape on your blog and it's really sad, 'cause Poland is very beautiful.

Thankyouuu. I’ve never been, but have posted pictures of various Polish cities on here. I think you can check my archive x

teensurfvillain asked:
I just found your blog and love your photos. I'm making my first trip to Europe (Czech Republic and Germany) in a few days and this blog makes me more giddy with excitement.

Aww thanks! Have fun in Europe, it’s amaaazing!

#fromwhereistand (at The View from The Shard)

The exceeding brightness of this early sun
Makes me conceive how dark I have become.

Wallace Stevens (via observando)

Winter, Barcelona

Guys, I’m planning to go to Copenhagen this October, mainly to see Tivoli Gardens during Halloween.

I’m thinking of going for a weekend only and these are the places I’m planning to check out

1. Tivoli Gardens

2. Kronborg Castle

3. Nyhavn

4.Frederiks Kirke (The Marble Church)

5.The Little Mermaid

6. Church of Our Lady

7.Rosenborg Castle

8.Copenhagen Museum (Only if there’s time)

9.Grundtvig’s Church (I’m APPALLED this didn’t appear in Copenhagen’s tourist attractions main Google page)

10. Copenhagen Sex Museum (Only if there’s time)

11. Christiansborg Palace

12. Danish Jewish Museum (Only if there’s time)

Is two days enough to see all of the above? Did I miss anything major to see or anything you think I should see? Also, do you have any places to recommend for staying, places to eat etc. 

Let me know! You could inbox me as well.

Cheers x