So anyone know the name of this street or which part of Rome this is?

That annoying person who blocks the pathway just to get the perfect shot. Good enough? (at Vatican Museums - Musei Vaticani)

#archiporn #tasteintravel #vaticanmuseum #rome #vscocam (at Vatican Museums - Musei Vaticani)

Don’t sleep cuz when you wake up it will be tomorrow.
russosabroad asked:
Your tumblr is awesome! My husband and I are going to backpack through Europe in July until the end of the year and hope to see many of these places! We'll post our photos on my tumblr, if you'd like to follow back?

Thanks! Have fun on your travels! So cool that you get to see these awesome places with someone you love :) 

everylilthing asked:
Hi there! I saw that you speak Malay and I was just wondering, are you from Malaysia? Because if you are, I'm Malaysian too and it's so cool that one of my fav bloggers is from where I am aha. Also, as a solo female traveler, do you take like extra safety precautions and if you do, what are they? (Sorry for asking so many questions)

Yep, I’m from Malaysia. Aww thanks :) Honestly, I know I should be more cautious being a solo female traveler and all, but the only precaution I take is not staying out too late at night. But other than that, I guess I’m pretty chilled. I mean, no bias, Europe’s really safe compared to Asia and heck, if you can survive Asia, what’s Europe right. x

ozziness asked:
Are you from the states or Europe?


OK, should I go to Positano or Cinque Terre? I intend for it to be a day trip. Originally wanted to go to CT but it’s 4 hours away in comparison with Positano’s 3. Help!!

Ps-will be going from Rome.

Ilulissat, Greenland

Gmunden, Austria