Anonymous asked:
Whenever I feel like my motivation to travel/move temporarily to another country is failing me I go on this blog and think What am I doing?!? Of course I'm doing this! So, thank you ♥️

*TEARS* Awww, thank you!! This blog is my own travel inspiration as well. Especially when I’m down and suicidal, I think of all the places I have yet to visit :)

Anonymous asked:
French!! I don't understand at all the hype it just sounds so eurgh!

Ah mais non! It’s so beautiful when sung though.

Gotland, Sweden

What’s the ugliest language you’ve ever heard.

Guys, could you suggest me French tv shows to watch on Youtube to improve my French. Preferably one with English subtitles.

Are Gorge, Switzerland

Lofoten Islands, Norway

Pavia, Italy

Catalonia, Spain

Oslea Mountains, Romania