Serious question: how does one find approximately £6000 in a span of 2 months? Aside from selling half your belongings (done) and finding a job (on the way)

Chartres Cathedral, France

Oia, Santorini, Greece

Misty Amsterdam

Neuchatel, Switzerland

Galeria Vittorio Emanuele II, Milan

Mayschoss, Germany

Anonymous asked:
Hi, this is going to come off as really random but I'm from halfway around the world and I just wanted to say that I think you and your blog are beyond wonderful; that you are determined and brilliant. I hope you have a wonderful day. Oh and the question; would you prefer driving across Europe or train-trekking?


Uh well, it depends on the situation. I’d prefer to drive if I was going with some good company and I’d prefer train trekking if it was a posh train like the Orient Express. Buttttt, I guess driving across Europe wins cuz you’ve got more time and you can decide how long you wanna stay and where you wanna go.

I’m kinda an impatient traveler in that, I can’t wait to get to my destination and start doing/seeing/eating/buying everything in sight! :P 

babbycat97 asked:
Your blog is amazing! I want to visit every single place you have posted about! 🌿🌴

I hope you do x

la-operetta asked:
<3 beautiful blog