Thunersee, Switzerland

If you want something, you don’t wait for the world to deal it out for you. You take it.
Poppy Z. Brite, Lost Souls (via observando)
Anonymous asked:
Honestly the only really troublesome thing about traveling the USA is that the internal railroad system is incredibly lacking, you have to drive or fly to most places if you want to really see the whole country. Other than that there is a lot to do, just about every state has a theme park and of course there's Vegas. I think the hate comes from the fact we always hear about how going anywhere overseas is a great vacation we sometime don't look at the US as something other might like to see.

Well my dream is to do an interstate road trip, in one of those top down cars or a caravan, stopping at every fattening, artery clogging mom n pop diner in town!!

You know what they say: the grass is always greener on the other side ;)

Vlora Beach, Albania

Just curious, but why did some of you say not to come to America? And for those who asked, I live in England currently. I’ve never been to the States, but it seems pretty awesome. I don’t get why everyone loves to hate on the States though.

smokeyhatesfire asked:
Your blog is so refreshing at so many levels! Simply breathtaking! Smokeyhatesfire

Why thank you Smokeyhatesfire! xoxo

moonassii asked:
I am going to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague this summer! Any suggestions?

Having never been to any of the cities mentioned, I’m not sure I qualify but I’ll give it a go! (Based on what I’d be interested in doing)


Castle Hill Funicular

Buda Castle

Danube Cruise 


Spanish Riding School;

Hofburg Palace

Danube Canal’s Summerstage

Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna State Opera



Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

Old Jewish Cemetery

Dancing House

Anyone else wanna chip in?

I have this sudden urge to pack up my bags and move to America.

Brunch with a view 👌🍴. Check out my instagram @fyeahkarennn

Casares, Malaga, Spain