Just curious, but why did some of you say not to come to America? And for those who asked, I live in England currently. I’ve never been to the States, but it seems pretty awesome. I don’t get why everyone loves to hate on the States though.

smokeyhatesfire asked:
Your blog is so refreshing at so many levels! Simply breathtaking! Smokeyhatesfire

Why thank you Smokeyhatesfire! xoxo

moonassii asked:
I am going to Budapest, Vienna, and Prague this summer! Any suggestions?

Having never been to any of the cities mentioned, I’m not sure I qualify but I’ll give it a go! (Based on what I’d be interested in doing)


Castle Hill Funicular

Buda Castle

Danube Cruise 


Spanish Riding School;

Hofburg Palace

Danube Canal’s Summerstage

Schonbrunn Palace

Vienna State Opera



Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

Old Jewish Cemetery

Dancing House

Anyone else wanna chip in?

I have this sudden urge to pack up my bags and move to America.

Brunch with a view 👌🍴. Check out my instagram @fyeahkarennn

Casares, Malaga, Spain

Autumn in Kassel, Germany

Palais Garnier, Paris

Hallstatt, Austria

Somewhere in Belgium