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If you’re feeling insecure and you need to feel special, the best place to go is somewhere foreign where people treat you as special because you’re different.
Kristin Scott Thomas (via travel-quotes)

That kinda depends on your race as well. Trust me if there’s a political crisis going on and you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong skin color you’re screwed.

Akamas, Cyprus

How is it possible to go on living if the one you love loves someone else? Could there be any pain greater than that? Don’t tell me there are other fish in the sea because I was happy with my catch and honestly I never cared to go fishing after that. Why? What do I have to do to stop this relentless heartache?
I’d like to think the weather is the cause for my recent surge of depression, but really, maybe it’s only because my heart has seen the future and how this ends.


Diana Rowland, My Life as A White Trash Zombie

There are two types of depression. Active and passive. Active is when there is an immediate problem at hand that is constantly nagging at you and pulling you down, causing you sleepless nights and mangled thoughts. Active depression kind of has a solution. If you’re depressed because you’re ugly, you either get plastic surgery or learn to accept yourself.

Passive depression is when everything in life is seemingly fine and yet, there is this undercurrent of uncertainty and anxiety. Of not knowing when the shoe is going to drop. When the next depressive episode is going to happen. You’re happy but you’re also sad because you know it’s not going to last. It’s bittersweet.

That’s basically how I’ve lived my whole life. If I’m not actively depressed then I’m 40% passively depressed. Honestly it’s exhausting. Just for once, for once I’d like to know what it’s like to be happy without negative feelings attatched to it.

Just my thoughts on depression.

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Husborne Crawley, England

I wonder how biology can explain the physical pain you feel in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.
Dan Howell (via suspend)

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